About Jigsaw Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Jigsaw Massager?

It is a device that attaches to almost any jigsaw for self myofascial release/massage/bodywork/deep tissue massage. If you don't have a time for long massages or even if you want some extra bodywork that you can do by yourself. This can be a great tool to aid in your recovery and mobility. 

How Long does it take to work?

It can take minutes or seconds to break up what a massage therapist cannot do in hours! Spend more time on areas that are tight for you! A typical massage spends is a shotgun approach to tissue therapy, Jigsaw Massage allows you to spend time on problem areas for you own body. 

Can I use it by myself?

Yes you can! Get your feet, calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, forearms, chest all by yourself. Get a friend to help you with the harder to reach places like you traps/neck and back. This tool is a real game changer! 

 Does it Hurt?

No! Because of the percussion technology the pain usually associated with deep tissue massage it masked by the vibration from the product.

What Jigsaws are Compatible with your Adapters?

Most of the cheaper models are compatible, but we like using Black and Decker and Worx, (not sponsored to say that)